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San Diego Association of Governments
BSP Placements: Talent Development Manager

We appreciate that you are entrusting your career with us. Blair Search Partners is passionate about the nonprofit and public sectors and helping our clients better reflect the communities they serve, through the intensive cultivation of diverse leadership. Discretion and confidentiality are at the heart of our process. We take great care to ensure candidates are not only treated with respect and equanimity but that they also have a highly positive experience throughout the entire search process. This includes timely communication, honesty, and feedback. We are committed to putting the candidate at the center of our process, with a recruitment methodology that is incredibly thorough, but also personal, engaging, and attentive to the career needs of each individual we contact.

BSP Placements:
Chief Program Officer
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Career Transition Seminars

Blair Search Partners offers monthly career transition seminars for individuals interested in advancing their careers. During the session, our team will share critical strategies to take your career to the next level. These intimate, in-person, and highly interactive seminars are free to attend.

Working with Blair Search Partners was the difference in me attaining a career-advancing opportunity. I had failed in three previous attempts to secure an executive-level position and lacked confidence and skill in the interview process. In just 20 minutes of working with Trevor and his team, they changed my whole perspective on the process, how to present myself, how to answer questions, and to show up in the most genuine way that conveyed my abilities and personality to the employer. Needless to say, I have now advanced my career.

Jason Milosh

Vice President of Operation

Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos

Being in HR, I am very critical of recruitment processes, and I can honestly say that this was the easiest, fastest process that I have ever experienced for an executive level position. The team from BSP was incredibly responsive, kept me up to date every step of the way, and made me feel like they were my advocate and cheerleader. In the offer negotiation process, I really trusted them and felt that they had both mine and the organization’s best interest at heart as they came up with the best possible package. I am now in San Diego working at my dream job and I have the BSP team to thank for taking a chance on a candidate from 3000 miles away and so seamlessly guiding me through the recruitment and interview process.

Kristen Diggs


San Diego Youth Services

The team from BSP was professional, friendly, and supportive throughout the recruitment and interview process. I felt that they very clearly understood my skills and personality and did a great job matching me with the ideal job. My role is fulfilling and is providing opportunities for professional and personal growth. They helped me land in the perfect place!

Angela Landsberg

Executive Director

San Diego County Dental Society