Our role as executive search and recruiting professionals provides us with deep insight into career success factors – the strategies and tactics for fulfilling career transitions and progression. Leveraging this expertise, Blair Search Partners offers 1:1 career coaching services for individuals who are thinking about, or perhaps in the midst of making a career change.

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Director of Government Relations, Director of Strategic Projects, Senior Prospect Research Analyst, and Senior Director of Marketing and Communications
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Why coaching?

Every professional will face various decision points, challenges, and uncertainty as they navigate the course of their career. And sometimes we all just need a little help getting ourselves “unstuck”. A career coach serves as a key thought partner and sounding board to help you plan, prepare and move through each of these stages successfully.

Our approach

Blair Search Partner’s career coaching, delivered by CEO Trevor Blair, is designed to give candidates the exact type of support they need at each point in time along their career journey. Each 1-hour session is booked individually, empowering candidates to use as much or as little coaching as they need. In our experience, most clients need only 1-3 sessions and are then ready to continue making serious progress independently towards their objectives.

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BSP Placements: CFO-COO

Coaching services

Areas in which we support our coaching clients include:

Career Exploration



Personal Branding

Resume Tune-ups

Interview Preparation