Executive Director - Price Pottenger

Location: San Diego, CA (Lemon Grove area) .
Reports to: Board of Directors.
Compensation: $115,000 – $125,000 DOE/neg.
Direct reports: 2 Fulltime (Office Manager/Bookkeeper, Membership Coordinator) 2 Contractors
(Managing Editor, Website Support).

Our Story

For almost 70 years the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation (PPNF) has compiled research and produced publications on attaining and maintaining optimal health. The namesake honors Weston A. Price, DDS, and Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., MD, who made groundbreaking observations connecting diet to health and chronic disease. From the original contributions of these early pioneers to those of current researchers, PPNF offers a wide variety of proven educational resources that empower people to change their life through health and nutrition. PPNF’s programs are backed by influential research demonstrating how traditional diets rich in whole, unprocessed foods are key to preventing chronic illnesses, physical degeneration, and other lifestyle-related health problems.

PPNF’s core publications include the Price-Pottenger Journal of Health and Healing, published quarterly, as well as two classic titles, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price, DDS, and Pottenger’s Cats: A Study in Nutrition by Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., MD. Members also have access to decades of printed journals (since the late 1970s) in an online magazine format. The collection of selfpublished and curated articles includes information about healthy foods, lifestyle choices, environmental issues, and health conditions, in addition to nutritious recipes. PPNF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in the Lemon Grove area of San Diego County. For more information, please visit: https://price-pottenger.org/

Position Summary

PPNF seeks an experienced nonprofit leader to build the organization to its full potential and work to position PPNF as a leading voice in the areas of nutrition, health and wellness. Working closely with the Board of Directors, the Executive Director will oversee all areas of PPNF’s operations, including fundraising, marketing and community outreach, events, nonprofit administration, strategic planning, and programs. Reporting to the Board of Directors, they will manage an annual budget of approximately $300,000 and supervise a staff of 2 full-time team members and 2 part-time contractors.

Initial priorities for this position include:

  1. Execute a branding, marketing & communications strategy.
  2. Create a new development plan for diversifying revenue streams.
  3. Coach, mentor, and develop the staff and board.
  4. Improve business operations by creating and implementing new administrative systems, processes, and procedures.

Anticipated focus allocation:

  • Fundraising – 25%
  • Program Development and Strategic Planning – 25%
  • Internal Management, Administration and Operations – 20%
  • Board Relations – 20%
  • Community and Public Relations – 10%

The top outcomes and priorities within year 1 include:

  • Develop a fundraising plan to diversify funding and ensure financial self-sufficiency.
  • Complete handover from the Board Chair of all legal and compliance projects.
  • Conduct a thorough analysis of the current membership model and present options for improvement and expansion.
  • Review all marketing materials, including the website, and ensure they are meeting PPNF’s nearterm goals and requirements.
  • Analyze the current staffing model and determine if new position(s) need to be created and/or existing ones changed.

Additional outcomes and priorities within years 2-5 include:

  • Implement a new membership plan, with updated benefits and offerings.
  • Evaluate, and if feasible, implement broader outreach programs.
  • Work closely with the board to develop a new 5-year strategic plan.
  • Refresh and modernize the organization, including the brand and content delivery model.
  • Explore the possibility of hosting a conference/summit or other major event

Duties & Responsibilities

Development and Fundraising

  • Conduct a top-to-bottom review of the current fundraising approach and recommend strategic improvements.
  • Diversify PPNF’s revenue streams, ensuring the organization is on the path to financial sustainability and growth.
  • Build and cultivate a donor portfolio and stewardship plan.
  • Enhance the organization’s grant-writing capacity (internally or with consultants).

Staff and Board Development

  • Promote a supportive workplace culture and create opportunities for professional development.
  • Develop and administer an effective performance management system for all employees, including annual goal setting and performance evaluations.
  • Manage staff and contractors effectively, maximizing their potential.
  • Provide leadership to and maintain strong relationships with the Board of Directors.
  • Prepare reports and advise the board on all aspects of the organization’s activities.
  • Work with the board to create and then implement policies and procedures.

Branding, Marketing and Communications

  • Serve as PPNF’s main spokesperson, ambassador and representative to the general public, donors, and key partners.
  • Develop and oversee PPNF’s traditional, digital, and social media strategies and plans.
  • Boost brand awareness nationally; position PPNF as a leading voice in the areas of health, wellness, nutrition and lifestyle.

Business Operations

  • In partnership with the Board of Directors, develop and manage a 5-year strategic plan.
  • Evaluate and implement organizational changes to drive operational efficiency.
  • Implement structure and organization across PPNF.
  • Ensure legal compliance and risk management in all business matters, including the protection of assets and intellectual property.
  • Oversee fiscal planning, budget development, cost controls, and oversight of expenditures, annual reports, and audits (in consultation with bookkeeper).
  • Negotiate and ensure compliance with contracts.

Program Management

  • Provide vision and oversight for all goals, objectives, and activities.
  • Ensure existing and potential new programs and events advance PPNF’s mission, are financially sustainable, and adequately staffed.
  • Achieve programmatic excellence by establishing operational benchmarks, setting timelines, and obtaining the resources needed to achieve strategic goals.

Attributes & Work Style

  • A self-starter, a real “doer” who enjoys being very hands-on and fixing/improving things.
  • Resourceful, entrepreneurial and dedicated – enjoys the challenge of delivering big impact on a limited budget.
  • Warm, charismatic and engaging – a great storyteller with a passion for health and wellness.
  • Listens, absorbs and reflects before acting.
  • Emotionally intelligent, with a sense of humor and the flexibility and sensitivity to work with diverse personalities and situations.
  • A dedicated leader who is self-motivated and can take charge, build consensus, work crossfunctionally and drive change.
  • Imparts credibility, trust, integrity and enthusiasm; someone who understands the subtleties of motivating and directing others; holds self and others accountable for their commitments.
  • Someone who deeply values human relationships and can build community and gain respect.
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills, with the presence to serve as an effective spokesperson for PPNF in all capacities.
  • Able to effectively relate to the board, staff, PPNF members, and the wider community.
  • Resilient with the ability to embrace shifts in priorities on a regular basis; possesses excellent change management skills.
  • Comfortable facilitating discussions that will promote dialogue between differing viewpoints, and the ability to build consensus among the board.

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree required; master’s degree preferred.
  • Minimum of 5 years in leadership or senior management positions for nonprofit organizations, experience with a health and wellness organization strongly preferred.
  • Marketing and branding experience required.
  • Strong background in digital marketing, website content management experience preferred.
  • Experience developing and managing annual budgets over $300,000.
  • Demonstrated organizational management and strategic planning experience.
  • Proven success with fundraising and increasing organizational revenue.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to engage staff and develop each team member to their fullest potential.
  • Flexible to work evenings and weekends as required for programs and special events.

For more information or to apply, please contact:

Sarah Thompson, Director
550 West B Street, Fourth Floor
San Diego, CA 92101